Saturday, 15 March 2014

Car Rental Nightmare

I was in such a happy place this week, I was going to see family friends who are over from the UK, my car is currently in need of repair so I jumped online and booked a car through a hire company, I read the terms and conditions and booked in one to suit us and thought that was it. I was wrong. I received a phone call this morning (on a sunday) to confirm my booking and was then told that they have a $300 deposit needed to be taken off my card that day, I don't have that kind of money on the spot and nobody to help me either, I'd love to have $700 to give to them (hire costs plus this new found deposit) if I had that though my car would be fixed.
I am beyond upset, nowhere on the website or whilst booking did it mention this deposit and to let me know on a sunday less than 24 hours before I am due to pick it up is beyond a joke.
So now I don't get to see our friends who have flown over from the UK or spend St Patricks Day with my parents where my mum has made costumes for the kids, I feel horrible. We don't have to direct train route either, there is literally nothing I can do.
I haven't cried this much for a very long time, I was motivated by the fact we were going, excited, things were getting done. Now that's all come crashing down because a company failed to communicate with its customer.
I want to curl up in a ball for the rest of the day, the kids are playing quietly, its not often they see the uncontrollable tears, usually I hide away to cry, today has been all too much.

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