Friday, 24 October 2014

An update on my life

It has been a little while since I last blogged and for that I apologise! So what has been happening? Well I have had a lot of mental health stuff going on, had my medications changed twice in as many weeks and have officially been diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorder. Over the next few months my mental health workers and I are going to be working on my PTSD so I can accept new people into my life and repair the relationships with those currently in my life. I have joined a gym and have a personal trainer to start feeling good about myself and take advantage of all those fantastic benefits of exercise and endorphines. I am dedicated to starting to eat properly again. I have been stalking the 100 days of real food blog and want to do a similar challenge. I am joining Isagenix too to kick start my weight loss and new lifestyle. By cleansing and using the products I am hoping for increased energy, a general feeling of happiness and wellbeing from cleansing and freeing myself of toxins, support in cutting sugar, caffine and alcohol from my life. I will post more on my Isagenix journey once I have joined and can tell and show you the changes that I am certain I will acheive. But back to the real food challenge here is the challenge I will set for my family (this includes my ex as he has dinner here to spend time with the kids - something we are trialling) 181 days (6 months) - 2 adults - 4 children - 0 processed foods and on a budget! The budget shall be set at $600 per month. This is approx $1 per person, per meal. It doesn't sound like a lot does it? Especially since it doesn't include snacks either. I am determined to make this work and give my family a better, heathier life. I am not a nutritionalist at all so will be doing my best to balance all the nutrients so my children and myself (and I suppose the ex ;) ) aren't missing out on anything. I am working on the first fortnights meal plan and shopping list and will post that up as soon as I am done and have adapted recipes etc.

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