Monday, 29 May 2017

Calling out Juice Plus etc reps - my mental health is NOT your invitation

Brace yourselves this is a rant post, also I do just want to say before I get going that this is NOT directed at all reps or the company themselves, I am sure there are thousands of fantastic reps and that the products are great.
So here is where my rant begins, I make my mental health no secret, I believe in ending the stigma, I believe I have nothing to hide or to be ashamed of and that those around me are more able to communicate better with me or even help me if they know what is going on and how I am feeling.

Today I had a counselling appointment that was quite confronting, talking about rape and the death of my children. I made a Facebook post that following this appointment I was feeling fragile and ordering pizza for dinner. Those that know me or even follow my blog or page know we eat healthy most of the time.

So this is where I got a message (probably a meaning well message) asking if I had thought about joining or using the products from Juice Plus, I replied saying I knew a few family members who did it but it is something I am not interested in, the response to this was about mental health and how I can reduce or eliminate my medication from using the products and that my (mostly) clean eating doesn't help my body like these products will. 

Firstly borderline personality disorder and bipolar have no cure, they can be managed yes but not cured, I also don't appreciate being a target for cold marketing because I have these conditions. It is just like approaching an overweight person and saying hey here's my weight loss products - you just shouldn't do it!

Good for you that you have a business that you want to do well but this is NOT the right approach. Bringing my mental health into it will not make me want to buy your products, in fact it will do just the opposite. Talk about the benefits sure, do not make me a target! 

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