Thursday, 20 February 2014

Brighter Days

A massive leap forward, something I have been brave enough to admit. I need help. It has taken a lot of arguments with myself and others, a lot of behaviour I am far from proud of, a lot of confusion to come to this decision, I must go to the doctors and go on medication for my bi-polar, it is destroying me and my family without it. Medication doesn't mean I am weak, it doesn't mean I am broken or pathetic, it means I am strong enough to admit I can't do this alone, I have tried for so long.

On top of the medications I will be trying other things too that I have learnt help bi-polar, I don't know if any of these actually work but it can't hurt to try.
- Omega 3 & Folate supplements (or foods richer in these)
- Regular exercise to boost those happy hormones
- Lepidolite - a crystal containing natural lithium which is a common medication for bi-polar
This is all I have at the moment but as I learn I will add more. So whilst this may not be a long or glamorous post it is an important one.

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