Monday, 12 May 2014

How a lady named Kristy who I have never met or even spoken on the phone to saved my life

About 18 months ago I was watching the news and a story from the US came on the tv about a woman who had been locked out of her facebook account and had photos removed from her facebook page because of breastfeeding photos. In reality theses photos do not violate facebooks terms and conditions because they aren't nudity or pornography facebook states it supports breastfeeding and allows breastfeeding photos. So Kristy stood up and made everyone listen. 
I had breastfed my twins and got lots of negative feedback for doing so, I like this Kristy already. I joined her facebook page as a liker which is
This is the video of Kristy on the news:

A few months after joining there was a post about needing admins to help out on the page as they get hundreds of questions from breastfeeding mothers every single day. I applied, I really didn't think they would accept me but they did.

I am a qualified birth worker and it has boosted my confidence in getting out into the community and helping women. When you're having a bad day and someone inboxes your personal profile needing help breastfeeding and getting a message a week later saying how you helped them so much does a lot for you, it's a great feeling.
Breastfeeding mama talk is growing rapidly and I am proud to be a part of it, Kristy is amazing, she puts in a lot of hard work to give women this level of support.
Breastfeeding mama talk to me now is not just a page I like or admin on it's my life line, the ladies behind the scenes are wonderful, I couldn't ask for a better bunch of people to work alongside. Kristy is in the US and I am in Australia. One day I hope we will meet! 

It may sound dramatic to say she saved my life, maybe have me a new lease on life is a better fit?! When I joined bfmt I was very depressed, this has as I said boosted my confidence, gives me a kick everyday from helping people, a purpose I guess you could say. I wake up excited to see who I can help today. Ive been talking about addictions this week and can say I am 100% addicted to bfmt and I have absolutely no intentions of changing that. 
Breastfeeding mama talk has a lot of outlets, we have a private group for those questions you don't want to wait until we admin see it or don't feel comfortable with it being on the main page, a page for teen mums, parents of children who have passed away at any stage, an adults sex page (female only) because we all have needs! A group for those of us trying to conceive, a group for step families and many more..

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  1. Awwww you're one hell of an amazing person yourself there kiddo! I foresee a big bright future for you and maybe with me and you!