Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Organising my home

I need to get my house organised. After my recent heroin relapse I made a deal with my social worker, she would help me get my house straightened up and help take a lot of the pressure off by hiring an organiser (so far this lady has been more hassle than good), I've been on pinterest tonight looking at ways to organise things and get my house so it doesn't look like I let a blender go off in every room without a lid.
I am not going to set an unrealistic goal, here you have to remember I have 4 children, 2 of which are 3 years old and often in hospital, I have bipolar and am currently unmedicated this causes lots of periods where I have no energy, we are a low income family. I have given myself 12 months to do it, it seems like a long time but I know it will end up going quickly.
My mission starts on Saturday which is my pay day.
Mission One aka month one: Kitchen/Dining
Our house is open plan(ish) so I'll include kitchen and dining as one.
Mission Two aka month two: Lounge room
Mission Three aka month three: Hall (we have quite a number of cupboards)

Mission Four aka month four: Bathroom/toilet

Mission Five aka month five: Bedroom one which is my girls room

Mission Six aka month six: Bedroom two which is my room

Mission Seven aka month seven: Bedroom three which is the twins room

Mission Eight: Laundry (the never ending cycle!)

Mission Nine: Shedding

Mission Ten: Front garden

Mission Eleven: Back garden

Mission Twelve: Keeping it all done!

So what needs doing in each? (I'm feeling exhausted just writing this blog, seriously!)
- Throw away Tupperware that is missing lids/has no lids
- Throw away broken/incomplete appliances
- Sell or donate appliances that aren't used
- Sort through cupboards, throw away anything unused
- Sort pantry and organise it (get containers and labels!)
- Layby/buy new dining chairs/dining suite
- Sort drawers
- Go through boxes under the table (they've been there since we moved in!)
- Clean oven (the job I hate the most)
- Paint pantry doors (thanks to hubby half painting them)
Lounge Room
- Sort through cupboards
- Clean under couches
- Layby/buy new couch, if funds don't permit make/buy throws for couches
- Clear out fish tank accessories
- Wash curtains (think about new ones)
- Sort out bookshelf
- Sort out cupboards in entry
- Sort out linen cupboard
- Clean walls
- Buy bin for toilet and teach people how to change the toilet roll!
- Sort through bathroom cupboards and drawers
- Clean grout
- Buy new toilet brush and accessories
- Sort bath toys
- Replace all toothbrushes

Girls Room
- Sort through toys
- Sort through books
- Sort through clothes
- Organise wardrobes and drawers
- Repaint bed
- New bedding (depending what I've found in the linen cupboard)

Master Bedroom
- Sort wardrobe
- Finish paying off furniture and fit in
- Buy lamps
- Sort clothing
- Sort drawers
- Fix door frame
- Paint door
- New curtains or fix old ones

Twins Bedroom
- Sort toys
- Sort clothes
- Organise wardrobes and toys
- New bedding and d├ęcor

- Get on top of it
- Make a system
- Clean walls
- Rearrange
- See if we can possibly fit in a free standing dishwasher

- Sort through boxes
- Sort through everything
- Make room for tools
- Make room for storage
- Fix up

Front Garden
- Redo the fairy garden
- Make it look pretty
- Have a wow feature
- Make it look like a garden
- Hidden area for bins

Back Garden
- Do dedication garden (a garden in memory of my children in heaven)
- Make an area for the kids toys
- Fix up BBQ/outdoor entertainment area
- Put up weatherproof roofing
- Sort out the rubbish dump aka the back bit of our garden
- Begin the veggie patch

I'll post likely add bits here and there and hopefully get some things done before it comes up, as soon as I get to the top of the waiting list I will hopefully be medicated again and not yo-yoing so much.
Before and after pics will be posted (no judging on the before!!)
I guess I should go do my dishes before I get too distracted on pinterest.
Hopefully some of you can join in with this and we can all show our before and afters.

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