Saturday, 5 July 2014

Control and routine

According to my therapist I make lists for everything so I can control things which is apparently very common for abuse survivors to have that thing they can control when everything else is so out of control or out of your own control at least.
So why not use this blessing or curse (it can be both) to add some structure to my life and make things easier.

Obviously I have to be a little flexible with these because we never know what is going to happen in life, illness or I could be called into a birth etc.

My mornings now shall consist of:

Yoga before the kids get up
Bootcamp 3 times a week (at 6am eekkk!)
1-2 loads of washing
Make all beds

Afternoons will now consist of:
Meal prep to make dinner not a huge rush
Sweep all floors and vacuum carpeted areas
Wipe all surfaces

Evenings will now consist of:

Doing dishes every single night
Folding washing every single night
More yoga

This may not seem like a lot to the average person but for me it is a lot, I need this structure and this stability. Doing these simple things will help stay on top of my housework to avoid me becoming overwhelmed which has happened a lot recently.
It is not easy with 4 young children to do these things so I am keeping it simple but hopefully it will be effective and soon these will be routine and a part of my everyday normal so more can be added.

Now to work on some lists of activities to do with the kids so we can work some fun into our days too!

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