Saturday, 6 February 2016

My life, my gamble

I am not doing so well today.
A lady that works locally is trying to give my business a bad name, I have not done anything wrong but she is in some pretty hot water and dragging down numerous others with her.
I have nothing to worry about authority wise as everything is above board, but word of mouth is a pretty powerful tool and the things she has done to people previous and their families quite honestly I am worried, very worried. Not only for my business but for mine and my families safety.

My husband is away so I cannot talk to him about it, I am not sure he would even understand.
My addictions are screaming at me. I am trying so hard this year to be sober and not use alcohol as a coping mechanism and so far I have done OK, not brilliantly but not too badly. Today however I could drink myself into oblivion. I won't though. I have made myself a cup of tea and put a warning out on an addiction group, not so much a warning but a cry for help, a cry for support.

This group that I am talking about is fantastic, if any of you have any addiction problems or mental health or have friends and family that do it is a wonder, wonderful support owned by a very good friend of mine who was a gambling addict, she hasn't gambled for 2 years now and set up Life After The Gamble to help others through their addictions and daily battles.
Their are many people on there and many who I connect to due to self harming, mental health and addiction. It has become essentially my family and the admins have become some of my best friends despite living so far away.

The kids are all at kinder and school tomorrow and I have some running around to do but I am hoping I can take an hour or so just for me, not bother with the housework, I can do that on Tuesday but have a bath, read a book. Put today to the back of my mind and relax.

Anyway I better feed these kids so I can start doing the bedtime wind down, the twins have been absolutely horrible to get to sleep lately.

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