Tuesday, 26 January 2016

I see your true colours ...... and they're not pretty!

One thing about having mental illness is that you do analyze things, you do see who is really there for you and who isn't.
Today I have lost a friend who I thought would be there until the very end, what tore this friendship apart? A typo, yes you read correctly, my new phone changed a word where I did not want it to, I did not check this and now that person is posting not so nice stuff on their facebook, accusing me of things I am not.
Petty? Yes.
Childish? Yes.
Am I hurt? Yes
Will I move on? Absolutely!

This morning has given me the emotional void to think properly about things without the friendship tag getting in the way, I now see things differently, I see why this person cannot maintain friendships or hold down a job. Their attitude. A bad attitude is one of the most unattractive qualities a person can possess.
If you want to throw away what I believed to be a fairly solid friendship purely because of a typo then that is not my issue, it is not.
If the main concern was a typo rather than my daughters health who was in hospital then again the issue is not me.

A few years ago I truly believed that the strength of your support network was determined by the size, I was wrong it is by the quality not the quantity. Today I am again reminded of that.
Quality not quantity.

Now this is not a blog to hate on that person or anything of the sort, mainly a vent, mainly telling myself that this is not my fault. My focus should be on those who do want to be a part of my life, those who won't walk away over a typo that I explained to them yet they continued to call me stupid and post statuses. Not my fault.

Now I am wiping my hands clean and walking away, focusing on the positive people around me, those who want to be around, those who will not purposely sabotage aspects of my life.
I deserve to be happy, I deserve friendship and I deserve support.  

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