Thursday, 3 November 2016

Smashed my goal!

Totally smashed the goal today! Today had good points and bad. Motivation was found, tears were shed (in the changing rooms at Target!) and I set some goals.

I had to go to Target to buy a new bra, one that fit and one that gave support, unlike the one I had on which was the most unflattering bra the world has ever seen, zero support in fact made my boobs look saggier than wet sand in a sock, I'm not ready for that look at 29. Anyway moving past the illusion of saggy boobs from my unflattering bra .... I found a really nice bra and took it to the fitting room. Put it on and what the hell did I see? Back fat!! Overhang from the top of the bra band, what??!!! Where did this come from? I've never had to get a size 14 bra ever, why was a 12 doing this even on the last hook! I was mortified.
How I fit comfortably into a size 10 top yet bulge in a size 12 bra still has me bewildered, maybe the sizing works a little differently? This gave me the kick I need though, I don't want over hang, its not sexy at all! I still bought the bra, as a goal, it will fit by my birthday (in January)

Now the good side of the day, the girls were at school, the twinadoes were at kinder so just me and the animals. I took one of the dogs for a walk as the other is still learning to walk on a lead and goes for short walks, I wanted something longer so took the older of the two. We walked for 3.61km which took 42 minutes. I aim to get faster at this but I do need Dex to cooperate with that as he stops to sniff everything and pee on every tree.
I smashed my daily goal of 10,000 steps YAY. First full day of having my Fit Bit and I smashed it so I am feeling really good about that and I am coming 3rd already in a weekly steps challenge that I joined yesterday with the Healthy Mummy group.

All in all a good day!

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