Saturday, 3 December 2016

2017 Goals - new year, new beginnings

You've already thought it with the title right? So cliché .... I know! BUT this year I mean it, 2016 has been a whirlwind of a year (to be honest the last 5 years have)
Something needs to change or this family will collapse, whilst I hold this family together by being the main care provider especially while my husband works 1800km away, I am also one of the reasons it is falling apart, one of the main reasons to be completely truthful.

My goals:
Get stable with my mental health

My mental health has sucked this year and I haven't really had any supports in place, this would be the number one goal as I feel most other aspects that I am struggling with stem from this.

Look after my body more

It's no secret that when you eat like crap you look and feel like crap. Hopefully combining goal #1 and goal #2 will have me feeling better (both inside and out), looking better, losing so weight and having lots more energy and motivation to tackle my day.
I'll be signing up for a new round of The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge - I find having that supportive community and guidance a real motivator.

Boost my businesses

With my mental health (see how I said most issues stemmed from this!) I can't go out and get a regular job (YET!) so I work from home.
A Rainbow Doula is my main business where I am focusing on postpartum care (I can't really do births at the moment with my husband being away) and placenta encapsulation.
Kaszazz a hobby that pays! I love to scrapbook and make cards as well as off the page projects, with Kaszazz I get discount products and starting to build a customer base.
Younique is amazing! Great quality make up at great prices. I have built up amazing confidence when it comes to make up now and most of the time I can lift a down in the dumps day with a bit of lippy and mascara
Love The Crafty Butterfly as I mentioned I love to craft, its a great therapy for me but I cannot possibly keep everything I create!

Spend less, live moreHaving fun isn't always about money. I need to start saving to buy land. I'm a compulsive spender and going to work really hard on this.

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