Monday, 6 February 2017

Nachos YUM!

Normally you think of nachos you think corn chips loaded with salsa from a jar and oodles of cheese, this isn't the nachos we have, the ones we have are filled with healthier alternatives.
Since joining Healthy Mummy we have been creating lots of our naughty favourites with a healthy twist and they not only taste so much better they make you feel a lot better.

Here are the Healthy mummy nachos I haven't stuck to these 100% but they make a fantastic base.
You can load these up with so much, usually we do avocado, capsicum, sour cream (trying to find a dairy free alternative), tomato, the meat in the above recipe link and some lemon pepper. Each time we make them though they're a little bit different and each time they taste so good and everyone has empty plates within 10 mins!

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