Friday, 20 June 2014

Dream without fear. Love without limits

Today has been a really, really emotional day.
Lets start off by telling you in these parts of Australia at this time of year it is bitterly cold. My husband has gone to work approx 3 hours away and I am getting 4 children ready, 2 for daycare and 2 for school.
I can't find the car keys, they aren't on the hook, they aren't on the bench and they aren't on the table. So I call my husband and ask him as he was the last one to use the car and all I get is "oh shit, they're in my pocket" So he is 3 hours away with my keys - great! So I ask him where the spare key is "I have that too" WTF???!!!! After a lot of ringing around I got the kids to their destinations now I'm worrying that I won't be able to get the boys in time.

I'm still sick, getting better but still can't breathe very well, sneezing and coughing so I haven't been going to bootcamp. I also haven't really been online very much because I've had no energy.

I do have fabulous news though. Check out the ticker!

So that is correct as of today, it has been 5 whole days without alcohol to numb out reality, 5 days of living in the real world. It hasn't felt good (yet), I am finding it very hard to cope (for now) but I am proud of myself since I have been drinking everyday for the last few years and haven't been able to go to events without making a fool of myself and not remembering most of it.
I would not have been strong enough to take this step without a dear friend of mine, her name is Heather and although I've never met her in real life since she's in a different country, I feel like I can tell her anything and I wish she were closer.
She set up a group for people with addictions, or ex addicts or families and friends of addicts and it has given me the support I need to do this.
Check out the group Life After The Gamble

Not much else is going on with me at the moment I am struggling beyond belief to keep the house tidy as hubby is working a lot, 4 kids and the above paragraph has been making it hard for me to focus on anything. But I know it will get easier, things will get better and life will be good.
Anyway the ferals are trying to kill each other so I must go to that.

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