Saturday, 16 August 2014

Save Breastfeeding Mama Talk

I admin on a facebook page called Breastfeeding Mama Talk. It was originally started as just a page to help and support breastfeeding mothers as in many communities it is still something that is very much looked down upon and many don't know where to turn for support.
Kristy Kemp the owner is no stranger to the struggle that comes along with running such a support page and the guidelines of social media.

Now Breastfeeding Mama Talk has 344,933 likers! We support and help hundreds of women per day. Breastfeeding Mama Talk has also now expanded due to having so many followers.

A private group for those who want community support and advice without those on their facebook friends list seeing (unless of course they are in the group too)

A picture page to share all those adoreable breastfeeding photos

The lions den for all your uncensored, controversial chit chat

Mama Talk Uncensored a private version of the lions den for all the banned topics within our regular groups such as abortion, circumcision etc

The adoption triangle is a group for those who were adopted, have adopted a child or have adopted out their own child

 Are you trying to conceive? There is a group for those to chat about pregnancy tests, cervical mucus and ovulation

Let's talk sex! For the women who are 18+ who like a bit of adult conversation

A private group to share your picture can also be found here at picture shares if you prefer not to use the public page

Teen moms or moms to be have a special place to chat about life as a teen mom or a former teen mom

Do you like playing  games such as how old am I? or the who does my baby look like? This group is for you mama games

We even have a place for daddies to be involved too mommies and daddies united

Mamas in the kitchen
is a great place to show of your latest creation or to get inspiration or meal planning tips

My favourite group that BFMT has to offer, a special place for those who have lost a baby or child at any stage of life and any gestation, a warm and gentle community parents of angels

For the blended family - Step families

Our special heroes is a group dedicated to those of us who has a child living with a disability or illness

See BFMT supports A LOT of families in many different ways, so why would a group of almost 40,000 women get shut down? Our regular breastfeeding mama talk in private group was shut down by facebook with no warning or explanation, may admins locked out of their accounts. We have had to set up a new group which can be found here breastfeeding mama talk privately

It is unfair that a group so large and supporting so many women just disappear overnight, members were not told where it went, many thought they had been kicked out by admin which certainly is not the case.
People have taken this time to make up false allegations against breastfeeding mama talk. Thankfully many people are supporting bfmt and are rallying together to get our voices heard by facebook and reinstate our group.

If you would love to get behind breastfeeding mothers and the support they get from our LC's, breastfeeding counsellors, nurses and experienced admin please hastage save bfmt on facebook! #savebfmt
40,000 women should not be punished and left without a safe place to get advice. Yes there are many other support groups out there but for a great deal of women in the group they needed to build up a trust relationship first before delving into the concerns they had about the shape of their nipples etc.

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