Saturday, 11 January 2014

84 days to declutter

It may sound like a long time, 84 days to achieve a clean house but I'm not doing your average clean. I am on a massive decluttering mission.
One room or area a week for 12 weeks to try find some balance within the house (and make a bit more room for surprise baby!) 

With the challenge accepted now we have to organize our weeks.

Week One: Living Room - includes under couches, DVD cupboard, sorting video games that don't get played anymore, fish tank accessories that don't get used, windows, curtains and anything else that I see during that week.

Week Two: Dining Area - includes cupboards, drawers, anything on or under the table, windows, curtains, walls and everything else that needs to be dealt with.

Week Three: Kitchen - includes cupboards, any appliances that don't get used can be donated, bench tops, walls, window, pantry, clean out the fridge and freezer and everything else in between.

Week Four: Hall - includes cupboards and drawers, linen closet (donate all unused towels and sheets), walls and the toys my kids like to leave lying around.

Week Five: Laundry - get on top of all the unwashed clothing, sort the cupboard, make sure there is nothing in there that shouldn't be.

Week Six: Bathroom - get rid of all cosmetics, bubble baths, soaps etc that are either out of date or haven't been used for a while, install new mirror if I haven't nagged hubby to do it earlier.

Week Seven: Girls Room - set up 3 areas (Sell, Donate, Trash) whatever they don't want or don't play with gets put into an area, drawers, wardrobe, under beds and who knows what else they have stashed in there!

Week Eight: Boys Room - set up the same 3 areas as I did for the girls and sell, donate or throw away. Sort the wardrobes, under the beds and I dare say the boys have more hiding spots that the girls to organise!

Week Nine: Main Bedroom - includes under the bed, tall boy and wardrobe, unused clothes and all the things that have been stored in my room for whatever reason.

Week Ten: Garage - all unpacked boxes from when we moved, old cots, shoes, craft items and who actually knows what else is in there, I think most of this will be going to the tip if it's not sentimental to us since we moved almost 2 years ago. I won't need the cots as we will be co sleeping.

Week Eleven: Garden Shed - which is looking quite similar to the garage so the same principals apply here too.

Week Twelve: All Outdoor Areas - sort out outdoor toys, throw out dead plants (which seems to happen to everything I try grow in the garden!), tidy up all the living things in the garden.

At the end of the 12 weeks all the things in the selling boxes will be part of a garage sale and whatever doesn't sell from that will be donated to charity or appropriate places.

Week one starts tomorrow! 

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