Saturday, 4 January 2014

New year, new me ....

It's almost lame the amount of people who make New Years resolutions and stick to them for a week.
Well my new year doesn't start January 1st like everybody else. My new year starts January 21st, my 27th birthday (yikes 27 already!) so what will is new year bring? Hard work is what, I expect no magic wands, I expect sweat, tears maybe even blood and most of all a clearer headspace.

Here are my goals and expectations of myself in this new year.
- I will not drink alcohol AT ALL this year (I've been self medicating with alcohol far too much lately)
- I will exercise at least 5 times a week
- I will go for a walk every morning with my dog and children
- I will do a meal plan every fortnight and I will stick to it!
- I will make my kids school snacks so I know they are healthy
- I will get a new mental health plan written up
- I will start seeing a counsellor again

These are just a few I have many more goals to organise my life (I am determined to because the happy, organised housewife and mother!) 

When my husband was working in Queensland I used to walk with the kids every morning, we would walk a 2.5 km circuit and try and beat our time everyday, we made it fun. It was tiring, some days it was too hot and you'd get half way and wonder why you did it, the twins are heavy to push in the stroller but the feeling when you get home sweaty and motivated for your day.

I look at myself now, so unmotivated, living in a mess, a screaming banshee (I'd be surprised if the neighbours aren't at all concerned for my kids some days!) I don't want to be like that, I don't want the kids running for cover if I get frustrated, it's not fair to them, it's not fair on anybody. It will end!

New year, new me .... That's a promise! I know it won't be easy, there will be times where I'll give in to temptation nobody is perfect but I will learn from those mistakes and I will become a better person.
2014/aged 27 - my year to shine.

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