Sunday, 12 January 2014

Allergy safe cooking

When starting this blog it was meant just as a personal journal hoping to help others along the way too. Whilst that is still my main focus it has made me realise just how much of my life I need to learn about.
My twins for example are allergic to dairy, caseins and soy and gluten intolerant and we have been advised to go gluten free because of our daughter who has aspergers.
So I went and bought lots of allergy safe books and borrowed a heap from the library too. What did I discover? While one may have a great dairy free recipe it contains soy or gluten, another page will have a fantastic gluten free recipe but stacks of cheese or cream. I am yet to find a book that is a complete allergy safe book so my mission is to create or recreate recipes and make them allergy safe, no diary, no caseins, no gluten, optional nuts, no soy for the most part no eggs. Nobody here is allergic or eggs but at the moment I can't eat them but it will be helpful for others like me who are looking for allergy safe foods that cover all the common allergies.
I will always be looking for new suggestions or if you have a recipe you'd like me to share let me know

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